Harnessing the Power of Social Networks

Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have become popular communication tools connecting people all over the globe. For many, such sites offer a way of staying in touch, meeting new people and sharing information. However, what is much less appreciated is that social networks can play a much more powerful role in helping managers and entrepreneurs to attract vital resources to advance their businesses. In this short course, we unravel the theory and principles that underlie social networks to show how they can be exploited to maximum effect. It explains how for example to build your networks strategically to gain access to powerful players, and more importantly, to get access to their resources. It elaborates how by tactically developing key relationships you can get ahead of the competition, keep them divided, use your networks to elevate your own position. It further explores how different types of relationships can lead to different types of resources, provide tips on how to network smart, and build resource-rich networks.  This course is a must for anyone interested in understanding how to harness the power of social networks.


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