Putting our Heads Together – The Awesome Power of Networking

Today, with the help of computers – PCs, tablets, smartphones, etc. – and the Internet, inter-human cooperation – networking – even with people on the other side of the world, has become much easier. Nothing illustrates our eagerness to cooperate with others better than the wildfire spread of Internet social networking. The special value to businesses of such instant collaboration tools has only recently been fully appreciated. Facilitating the pooling of an organization’s brainpower is increasingly recognized as an enormous productivity booster. That recognition accounts for the fast-growing popularity of a new type of Internet service called enterprise social networking – a sort of blend of Twitter and Facebook that’s secure and configurable so that it can be restricted to a predefined set of users or groups. One such enterprise social network operation is Yammer – a San Francisco based company recently acquired by Microsoft for 1.2 Billion – whose revenue is reported in The Economist to have grown by 132% last year alone.

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